Spaceport - An action adventure game set in a spacestation orbiting the earth

Spaceport is an adventure game where you have been transported onto an alien spaceport orbiting our moon. You are in control of a small droid with a single weapon. You must collect on your travels throughout the spaceport which has hundreds of rooms three items. :The pyramid of destiny; The orb of life; The cube of hope;

Together these artefacts will give you control over the aliens. There are many droids on the spaceport which are just waiting to kill you on contact, beware of them as you travel around.You cannot leave the spaceport until you have all three artefacts and you must be carrying them when you approach the exit door which is in the room where you enter the spaceport. It will open once you have all three artefacts and you may escape.

You have only five lives and so you must replenish your energy using the energy producing items you may find throughout the spaceport, remember they are only available once so do not use them unless necessary.

There are five levels on the spaceport, the bridge, the engineering level, the observation level, the storage level and the accommodation level. You may travel between these levels using the teleportation devices which are located throughout the spaceport. Beware you are on your own on the spaceport…….