Geophasa - So you think you know your continents, countries and capitals?

How much do you know about the countries of the world? Geophasa is a great new app that teaches you about flags, capital cities and continents using a game format that makes learning fun. Guess the flag, identify the continent, place the country on a map and discover its capital city. Try this with your friends, help children to learn a bit of old fashioned “geography” or simply find out where in the world those oddly name capital cities are actually located. Warning – this app can make you a serious competitor on game shows and quizzes!

This game randomly displays eight flags of the world’s nations. Tap on the button that matches the country of the larger flag and you will proceed to a map of the globe. Correctly tap on the name of the continent to identify the continent of that country and you will move onto the map of that continent – or if you’d rather go back and play the flag game again. On the map of the countries tap the “scroll country” button and each country will be highlighted in turn as you repeatedly tap on that button. When you think you have identified the correct country tap on the “choose” button. If you get the country right you will move onto the final screen if not you will get a message identifying the country selected. Now use the scroll wheel to match the country with it’s capital city and when you have done that tap on the “select capital” button. Once done you can start again by tapping the “play again” button.

For each correct choice you score 10 points and for each incorrect answer you lose 1 point.